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Quickbooks® ProAdvisor
Haiden Turner became a Quickbooks® ProAdvisor in 1997. Mr. Turner has passed the Intuit® exams to be designated as a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor every year since testing was implemented in 1999.

QuickBooks® Purchase
Winged Disc Technologies is an Intuit QuickBooks® Premier Reseller. We sell QuickBooks®, QuickBooks® Online, QuickBooks® Enterprise, QuickBooks® Addons and other QuickBooks tools. We install and configure all addons.

QuickBooks® Design & Install
Winged Disc Technologies installs and designs Quickbooks® Installations; from single user Quickbooks® to complex multi-user Quickbooks® Enterprise solutions installs. And we train users in best use of the new QuickBooks tools.

File Management Solutions
Have your QuickBooks files become unmanageable? After a few years, many QuickBooks users find their files are a tangle - instead of a tool. We organize, streamline and optimize your files to make use of QuickBooks a snap (instead of a snarl)!
QuickBooks® Consulting
Winged Disc Technologies works with small to enterprise level businesses automate Quickbooks® workflows, integrate software generate custom reports.

Extend QuickBooks® Functions
Winged Disc Technologies also sells, supports and customizes other products and services to expand QuickBooks functionality. Including QuickBooks® Add-ons and 3rd Party QuickBooks® Add-ons.

QuickBooks® Addons
We sell and install QuickBooks® Add-ons. We customize QuickBooks® Add-ons for your unique business flow; providing a total business solution.

Business Process Management
We identify workflows and install the correct software for your unique business processes. We then integrate software products to work seamlessly in providing reports on the important tracking points for your business.

Winged Disc Technologies - Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor

Winged Disc Technologies

QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor, 1999 to Present

Winged Disc Technologies Managing Director Haiden Turner is an Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor – with certification on every version of QuickBooks since Intuit began certification testing in 1999. Mr. Turner has a strong accounting and tax background and has been working in the QuickBooks field for 20+ years.

I just purchased (or need to purchase) QuickBooks.

• Need to purchase? We are a QuickBooks Premier Reseller.

• I need help to set up QuickBooks!
• The QuickBooks Help Line was not helpful: I need help!
• How do I set up the payroll (or inventory or Enterprise)?
• I need help adding multi-users.
• I need help importing my old data.

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I have been using QuickBooks for years.

• We opened a new division; need integration and setup.

• QuickBooks Inventory added – but something is not right.
• After many years, the QuickBooks database runs slow.
• My QuickBooks database needs a makeover.
• QuickBooks files seem totally confused – help!
• I need QuickBooks troubleshooting and repair.

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An overview of our most popular QuickBooks (QB) services include:

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